Many people faced with the prospect of divorce are overwhelmed by the thought of the amount of work, or the amount of expense, the divorce process entails. In some cases, especially those where the parties cannot agree on many things, or where the case becomes particularly litigious (that is, requiring Court action), the divorce process is time-consuming and quite exhausting. However, not every case is like that. As a matter of fact, there are many couples who are facing divorce that know everything (or almost everything) that they want to share or divide or walk away from, and feel that if they only had the right tools, they could probably handle the divorce on their own. For their own personal reasons, they may believe a self-help, self-directed forms approach is the right choice for them.  This is exactly the population for whom exists. The world has advanced technologically and strives to satisfy that customer base. is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  Sometimes a couple going through divorce chooses to proceed without the help of an attorney or a law firm, though doing so is always recommended.

In a nutshell, where a divorce is completely uncontested (meaning neither party desires to delay the divorce process in any way, and all economic, custodial, support, and other issues that traditionally arise in a divorce action are to be mutually agreed upon), versions of the  documents that may be needed, such as a Marriage or Mediated Settlement Agreement, and the documents associated with obtaining a Decree in Divorce, which include a Complaint in Divorce, the document regarding proper service, the affidavits, waivers, and praecipe(s) required throughout the 90-day waiting period, and the Decree in Divorce, may be downloaded affordably at

If you and your spouse are considering doing a divorce on your own and without the help of an attorney, the first thing you may want to ask yourselves is “What do we own?” Obviously, if you have to divide your assets and debt or growth on assets you accumulated during your marriage, you really should know what those things are. Once you have a division scheme in mind, it only makes sense that you commit it to paper. The “paper,” or the contract, is the Marriage Settlement Agreement (often a MSA or a PSA for short). An MSA also may contain all of the details on all of the other issues like support, paying alimony, if any, custody, health insurance, and the timeline of the divorce process. The MSA form on costs $199, and can be found under the "Individual Forms" tab above.  If purchased with a dovirce pacakage, the MSA is offered at a greatly discounted price.  To view packages, simply click on the the "Divorce packages" tab above.  The MSA form offered by is, in our opinion one of the best and most complete that can be found online, though it cannot replace a customized contract drafted by an attorney. However, our form is crafted in limited detail for many cases, including those containing custody, alimony, child support, retirement and pensions, homes, mortgages, and a variety of other issues that often occur in divorce.

Believe it or not, there are divorces where a couple chooses to forego an MSA. These types of cases are usually those where there are absolutely no joint assets, and if there were, they have already been completely divided or disposed of. There are also no custody issues, no alimony, no support issues, or perhaps the custody and support issues have already been handled through the court or through a different mechanism outside the court. In the event a couple does not want an MSA, and where the divorce is completely uncontested, they may choose to proceed directly to the court filed divorce.

In every divorce, in every county in PA, the divorce proceeding involves a Complaint for Divorce filed with the Court. Only the Court can issue a decree in divorce. In a case where there are no issues whatsoever for the Court to get involved in (ie the parties have no assets or issues or those assets and issues have been taken care of with a contract like an MSA) a divorce can be uncontested. This means that neither party intends to delay the decree and will cooperate to sign papers, etc., to achieve the divorce decree. From beginning to end, in an uncontested divorce, there are 8-10 different documents (depending on the county) to be delivered and filed in Court. At, the BASIC divorce forms package is $199, and can be found by clicking on the "Divorce Packages" tab above. In our opinion, this is a very reasonable price. Although you do have to do all of the legwork and pay the court fees on your own, the forms are PDF fillable and are county and state specific, meaning they ACTUALLY should work, unlike some other divorce forms for sale online. And if they don’t, you can contact our customer service to help resolve the issue. We can’t give you legal advice, and we can’t stress enough that we are not a law firm and cannot create an attorney-client relationship with you, but we can diagnose the problem and steer you in the right direction.

If you do not want to “do the legwork” or go to Court, we can have a courier service take the forms to the Court for you. For an extra fee, you can avoid all of the hassle that the courier service can handle. Not surprisingly, our one count, no fault, uncontested divorce which includes the courier fee is probably our most popular service. We believe that we go a step beyond what other services offer- the documents are delivered in your county- not some other county to save time or fees. The documents are filed in Court- and are approved and signed by you as each one comes due.  You must pay the Court fee, obviously.